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SM40 Hammer

Danuser SM40 Hammer w/ Grapple & Tilt $9,500

Price: $9,500

Danuser SM40 Hammer with Grapple and Tilt – $9,500

• NO Springs, NO Cylinder, NO Return Line
• Drive posts sitting down with the Danuser Hammer
• Free fall weight design
• Full stroke achieved with every cycle for maximum impact energy
• Hammer weight does not strike the top of posts
• Grapple option allows one-person operation by picking up the post from the ground without additional hydraulics or controls
• Tilt option allows up to 20 degree to the left or right
• Smooth operation with no shock back to the vehicle
• Top of the post is contained in the machine, preventing the post from kicking out
• 1-Year Warranty
• Easily Drives – Tent Stakes, T-Posts, Pipe Fence, Sign Posts
• Easily Drives – Fence Posts, Guard Rails, Median Dividers, Railroad Ties

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